The Pains, Gains and Ways to Stay Sane!

 A brief survey to help you enjoy your marriage,
and your kiddos, at the same time... that you can move into a marvelous marriage that is
strong, steady and successful,
even when kiddos are everywhere!

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Question 1 of 9

How many children do you have?  Ages don't matter.  If you are a blended family, include all the kids that you interact with.  Thank you!









4 or more

Question 2 of 9

Which kiddo responds most positively to your influence and interactions as a parent?  

Give kiddo's name, age and why.

EG: James, 4 YO, responds to me because we spend the most time together. And because he can talk and make sense of things.  

Question 3 of 9

Which kiddo does not click as well with you?  Why do you think this is? 
Please share name, age and reason.  Thank you!

(No shame or blame here.  Kiddos, at different ages, personalities and perceptions move attachment from one parent to the other as a part of normal psycho-social development). 



Question 4 of 9

What has been your least favorite thing about being a parent?

Some choices might be:


Low intimacy


Confused/depressed/ lonely

 Disconnected from spouse

Disconnected from friends...

But lots of other options as well...that's why I give you room to write, not just fill in buttons:)

Thank you!


Question 5 of 9

What has been your most favorite thing about being a parent?

Eg: Get to eat PBJ all day!
Sharing life with a little is satisfying. 
It's helped me grow up. 

But, best is when you put it in your own words. 

Thank you!

Question 6 of 9

How long have you been married/partnered?

Just write in your answer in box below.  

Thank you!

Question 7 of 9

How has parenthood positively impacted your marriage/partnership?

Eg: It has taught us to communicate more. 

It has helped us work towards a common goal. 

It made us balance our checkbook and check our financial priorities...

Those are ideas.  Please think about YOUR answers. 

Thank you!


Question 8 of 9

How has parenthood been tough on your marriage/partnership?

EG:  We never get to sleep with each other. 

Our finances are sooo tight!

How to manage tears, tantrums and tension is ongoing....

Please think about your life, and share 1-3 tough spaces here. 

Thank you!


Question 9 of 9

What would make your life better now?

This is wide open - it might be about you, or about what you wish from your spouse, or employer, or family/friends or kiddos. 

Thank you!



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