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Fun Focus: All of Them!

This is a great choice! 
Each video can be viewed independently. 
But...when they are watched in sequential order, the integration of the skills becomes more obvious...and thus...more useful!

What you will get:

  • The base to communicating is our connections.  Good connection usually means good communication!
  • Emotional stability and predictability adds to relationship strength.  Learn the how and the why!
  • Conversations take a blend of skills.  You get to make up the best blend for you with your family!
  • Tension and troubles are not too tricky to untangle when you use touch, honor and grace.  Practice these for relationship peacefulness!

    Don't rush, just steadily watch them and
    talk about them. 

    A new choice and path to conversations will open up delightful, safe connections with those you love!

    Then being married forever while you parent kiddos together becomes 
    Unlimited, and
    Naturally good!
    ....So FUN!

    Enjoy All of Them!