Us And Kids Communications Program

Learn, Explore, and Practice

Connections that Matter!

1 - You and your family:

What are some actions and thoughts that keep you close to your spouse or kids?



What are some actions or thoughts that have made some distance between you and your spouse or kids?   



Finish this sentence:  I am or have been most connected to my spouse when ……..

A fulfilling or satisfying marriage is/would be…..

A fulfilling or satisfying homelife with the kids is/would be……

My Desire for my marriage is……. (How would you like to describe your marriage in 6 months, 1 year and 10 years from now?)

Right now:

3 Months:

6 Months:

1 Year:

5 years:

My Desires for my relationship with my kids are:

Right now: 

6 months:

1 year:

5 years:

15 years from now is that……..

*****Do Not Answer these quickly - think, jot down notes, listen to your heart and mind.  Think about them when you are mostly, kind-of awake:)

2 - Influence and Attachment

1 - Who has positively influenced your life and how/why?

Why or what did they do that had this impact?

  1. Write about a time when you have positively influenced your spouse. 

How did it impact your relationship?

How did it impact your feelings and connections with your spouse?

Write about some times when you positively influenced your kids.  How did that influence your relationship with them? 

When you and your partner/spouse are nicely attached (those hormones are working well) what happens to the energy in the househo