Did marriage used to be FUN, and the thought of being a parent seem exciting?

But now, you are just disconnected and tired ?

Where did that confidence with courage and calmness go?

Do the everyday things like smiles, hugs and helpfulness seem over the top?


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Being a parent and a partner has so many CHALLENGES that can chew us up!

We went from joy and energy to sheer weariness with so much confusion about what to do with time, eating together or even just making food to eat.

Where did the energy go for fun, laughing and goofing off?

We used to do that when were were married without kids.

Now even silly things somehow turns serious and convoluted.

We have little ones to take care of - and boy,  do they need a lot of care!

And, as soon as we figure one of them out, one of the other one changes their sleep, eating or playing habits.

Nothing seems certain.  And, our married relationship seems less certain too.

We snap at things we used to laugh at.

We are silent when we used to share our thoughts and feelings.

We are indifferent when we used to be helpful and gracious. 

So, what happened???

Is this normal? 

Is this what life is after kids?  Ugh! 

We’re not ready to check out but we are pretty sure we can not be and do all the things it takes to be married forever while we parent together.

So, often we pick parenting and hope our marriage-friendship survives. 

I know.  So many moms and dads are feeling just like you.

This is tough work and too much work to do alone. 

I have been in those spaces of overwhelm and weariness where being married and parenting were both suffering. 

And I knew that there had to be a way to do both without breaking the financial and emotional banks. 

What if there was a way to really keep;that marriage fun even while parenting together?

Could life as it is now, with kids and partner be satisfying, optimistic and naturally good?

My husband and I worked at parenting together and while keeping our eyes are being married forever.

And now, through my personal and professional knowledge and experience I want to encourage you to enjoy being married forever while doing the parenting together, with masterful and fun teamwork.

Professional and practical knowledge for helping your marriage and kiddo relationships be real, enjoyable and satisfying is right here!


These short and to the point courses will grow your emotional and relationship skills and teach you how how to apply them to your life.

The skills you will learn in our video courses will

transform relationships with

your spouse and your children. 

DNA stands for:

  • Desired outcome for the relationship
  • Necessary skills for achieving the goal
  • Applied appropriately for age and relationship

Remember When?

It was fun to be just the 2 of you? Keeping that love alive is awesome!  I will give tips and paths for staying couple-connected while also staying kid-connected. It is possible!

How To

Talk without yelling, lead without a headache, get things done without exasperation, and hug instead of hit. Get your thoughts, emotions and actions to match up so that there is no shame or regret. Doesn't this sound wonderfully awesome?? You and your family are worth this effort!

Who is teaching this course ?

Meet Jan Talen

Real Life Teacher and Therapist

I have been a Marriage and Family therapist for over 35 years. I love being a wife, a mom and an active grandma with my arms full of grandkids. My professional and practical knowledge fills the courses with doable and memorable skills that build strength and kindness throughout your marriage, family and home life.

"We were struggling to get our daughter to go to bed without a meltdown. Jan's insightful input helped us figure out a simple question that helps her transition into our bedtime routine. Now we are all a quieter and happier household - at bedtime and beyond!"

Tammi V.
Us and Kids Facebook Group Member

Imagine smiles and laughter for all!

Experience joy in being married AND the adventure of being a parent.
Learn the why of behaviors, the control and compassion for emotions and the skills to blend them together for a F.U.N., Fulfilling, Unlimited and Natural life all together! Upcoming courses on how to be married well, adjust to all the new, and be great parents so that energy and interest stays while the overwhelm gets washed away!


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