Ep 123 I Core Values for Kiddos

Values are extremely valuable when it comes to understanding others.  They are also very valuable when it comes to communicating as a parent and within our marriages.  

But, we have to start with defining a value, and then understanding that how we live out that value will also impact how others (kids, spouses/partners) build relationships with us. 

If we value kindness, but are rude to those we don't know, or diss our spouse in public, then others will certainly wonder if they can trust the kindness from us as having integrity. Certainly, who we say we are is far more impactful when we also live into that identity.

So, our show today is about values, and how to live them well so that our kiddos can also develop the identity and character that is strong and true.

Listen in, share it with a friend, and use a tip or two for becoming more of your best self!

Things you will learn:

* Teaching values is an everyday event.

* Kids learn by doing, talking, and copying...

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Ep 122 I Three Dads Talking

122 | Us & Kids: Three Dads Talking

 On today’s show, we are enjoying the conversation between 3 dads, each with 3 kiddos.  They are  talking about the good and tougher sides of living into their kiddos lives.  They know marriage is a high priority, but the work that goes into managing all of this is...satisfying and challenging.  And, worth the work!

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Living into being a dad takes intention, even when you're tired. 
  • Marriage matters, but keeping it high on the a tough priority.  
  • Knowing words and tone matters to kiddos.  Sadness when I am too intense. 

Resources in Today’s Episode: 

  Read the Full Transcript for this episode Here
Use this free Printable 

Check out previous podcasts for tips on finding grace through the...

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Ep 121 I Is This Product or Package Safe?

On today’s show, Rachel Johnson Greer will talk with us about what to look for in all those online purchases.  Her work in Amazon compliance and helping online sellers understand the manufacturing and distribution laws puts her in a unique position to inform us about how to discern a safe purchase from ones to be cautious about.  

Her book, “No Dead Babies” comes from the days when she and her team sighed in deep relief when at the end of the day they did not have to take a call from a grieving parent.  All too often were the conversations from these parents sharing how their child died because of faulty manufacturing or packaging.
Rachel agrees that the responsibility is on the seller.  But in the real world, there are gaps, and thus, it is wise and best for us, the parents, to know and understand how to determine if a product and it’s packaging is made in compliance with safety standards. 

So, from baby products and toys, to...

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Ep 120 | Us & Kids: Taming Transitions


On today’s show, we will think and talk about transitions.  You know, those changes that happen oh-so-often…as seasons change, as school routines switch-up, as kiddo’s naps and needs change…there we are making changes and trying to manage the ensuing chaos.  

Is there a way to do change without the crying, chaos and confusion?


Listen in to pick up some tips for how times of change and how to help them be more cooperative, collaborative and perhaps, even calm, or fun. 

Yes, these tips are for the big stuff, like switching to summer schedules, but they are also good when you are just  changing what’s for supper, or what pj’s to wear, or who reads books tonight. 

So, take a few minutes to gather what tips will suit you best so that your connections, even through changes, can be worthy of the “high-fives” of family success!  

What You’ll Learn in Today’s...

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Ep.119 | Us & Kids: Me as a Mom

So, Mother’s Day has come and gone, again.  How are you?  Still so glad to be a mom or wondering how long you can hang in there with this mommy stuff?  

Did you entertain all day, were you ignored most of the day, or did the kids and others figure out how to honor you, in a way that was meaningful to you?

 On today’s show we’re talking about being yourself (Me) even while being a Mom.  

Managing so many things, balancing energy, relationships, figuring out how to escape - or connect and how to balance the mom hat with your beautiful wife hat.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Your personality, pre-motherhood - is still there.  Let “her” out sometimes.  It’s fun!
  • Your mental-mass (brain so full of everything) is working very diligently.  Even when you feel like you are a mental-mess, use your mental-mass to sort out the mess. And, yes, sometimes that includes crying, praying and...
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118 | Us & Kids: Adults Only

Yes, today’s show is for adults, but still rated very G.  

Why?  Because staying in the adult-world after having a baby is really important to your identity as an adult, and your identity with your spouse.  

And those adult identities are also very important to the development of your kiddos as they grow up.  

Yep, I’m hinting at what happens in the room where your (adult) bed is…and how to be sure you still have a space and place that is just “yours” - just you and your spouse’s.  

Of course, to get to that room, mindset and space, some things have to also happen outside of that room like…
Compassion - it helps with the passion, 

Connection - it helps with the “ahem” connection

Attention - it helps with paying attention - like staying awake and mentally there, not elsewhere.

Enjoy using what you re-remember because it’s fun and helps to keep you married well and forever,...

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117 | Us & Kids: New Parents and Pretzels

On today’s show we are talking all about parenting, new babies, and pretzels.  One of my daughters would probably say that pretzels were the snack that held her together through the first year of her kiddo’s life.  And, there is good reason for that. 

Pretzels can represent hugs, give a way to pause and think, distract from the depression and anxiety that can swamp new parents, and help couples remember to love and hug each other - and their kiddos. 

We will chat about 10 good ways to help you and your household reset with joy and connection after a new one comes home.  

These tips are good reminders, for your first baby - or your fifth.  

These are good reminders even if your baby, partner or even yourself is (acting like) a toddler, talker or tantrum-maker or teaser.  

So, join us and enjoy some easy upgrades to snacks and home life!  

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • A tiny bit about pretzel...
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Ep 116 I Self Control, Our Kiddos and Us

 On today’s show we will focus on our little persons - who are busy developing their own personalities and preferences…and their own powerful ways of communicating that to us.  

They certainly have a mind and opinion of their own - from the time they are tiny.  And as they grow into toddlers and start school, their mind, words and emotions pop up in so many different ways. 

What are we to do with their tears, insistence and resistance?  

How are we supposed to stay in control when they are out of control and running the show??

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • What and why their brains work as they do - and might learn a thing or two about our brains too! (Think…hot and cool)
  • What skills to use - and teach to our kiddos to help their personal control and choices develop in ways that are creative and calming. 
  • 7 ways that you can use right now to help self-control be a usual part of your everyday, crazy life...
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115 I Finish the Fight!

Do you like to fight?...with your spouse or your kiddos?  Or are you a bit weary of it all?

On the show today we are talking about those fights that seem to just recycle, over and over.  Sometimes, it (seems) settled for years, or months - other times, “it” was settled - for maybe 15 minutes. 

And it’s sooo tiring, confusing, draining. 
Are these fights even finish-able? 

Listen in and learn why these conversations replay repeatedly - and learn the trick to solving them, for real, by being real. 

 Be sure to share this with your friend, and your spouse!

 What you will learn

 ** And… if you are the listener… you would take the time to really listen.

** Arguments that come back to us over and over again are usually ignoring a question that is core to the relationship.

**And that question usually is, "Do I matter to you?"  


** So we did some Division of labor. 

**It is okay to revisit...

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Ep 114 I Read Me Right! Understanding our family conversations.

Do you like to read?  Do you like to read those kiddo books over and over?  What do you like to read - short articles? only something funny? Poetry? History? Romance?

Reading is a skill we learn early  - and we need for a lifetime.  And reading other humans is also a skill we learn early - and need for a lifetime.  

And reading words and relationship is a very complex brain skill.  Organizing and understanding all the constructs within language takes us several years to master. 

And understanding all the ways that our spouse or kiddos relate to us is an ongoing, interesting process!  

There are emotions, words, tones, body language, eyes and facial look that all intertwine to make a conversation, even with a little person, full of info that we have to sort through, and decide what to pay attention to!

So today’s show is about how to read other’s language - words, face and body - more accurately. 

Like reading, this...

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