3 Reasons Why I developed the DNA Way.  

1. Professionally, after 35 years, I got weary…

Having a miserable marriage is not fun.  But divorcing has its own misery. 
And I am tired of helping couples divorce when relationship wholeness is a viable option. (Read reasons 2 & 3, too!)
2.  My Practical brain, and research, kept screaming that this is avoidable, fixable and reasonable!
A little water leak is easy to clean up, if you do it right away.  But, left to leak, it creates a mess - slimy, moldy and gross. 
No one wants to touch it and the repair is now expensive and expansive.
(Therapy after 15-20 years of “trying” is very expensive - and so is divorcing!) 

When the marriage and parenting roles are not meshed well together, within the first 5-7 years of parenting - then the attitudes of dismay, disconnected, disgruntled and depressed begin to seep in.
These are the seeds that then blossom into moldy divorce conversations and actions. 

Research over many years remains consistent, as does my professional experience - if we can help new-er parents also stay good married partners, then those disruptive divorce conversations don’t happen.  There is no water leak. Their home and hearts are solidly connected together. 

This is doable! Don’t ignore your relationship “leaks”.  Take care of them today and keep that divorce moldy mess out of your heart and home!

3. Personally, we were struggling. 

Yes, I am married, with 4 (now adult) kids.  Balancing it all was ridiculously difficult.
We knew and lived the "misery!"
As Chip and I figured out our D.N and A's, we became less tense and more content. 
Our kids' cooperation went up and consternation went down.  It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty darn good, given that everyday life was still happening everyday. 
We want that for you!



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