I'm here for YOU and YOUR family

Real life teacher and therapist, Jan Talen

I'm Jan Talen,
a licensed marriage & family therapist since 1986.

avoid the D's that create Divorce
(distress, depression, disconnection, dismay, disregard...)


I've worked with families, marriages and kids in many different situations. Marriage undergoes great stress when a little one is added to the household.
If that stress is not resolved, the marriage is often compromised and over time becomes ‚Äúroommate or business-partner‚Ä̬†status.¬†
The D's move in, and destroy the love you once knew.
Real life, and research affirm this sad truth over and over. 

 This is so very sad and very painful. 
And, it is fixable!


We will work practically and efficiently to build the skills needed to stay
couple- as well as kiddo-connected.

Yes, I have a lot of professional knowledge and skill.
I also have practical experience. My husband Chip and I have applied the DNA Way that you will learn.   
We've raised 4 steady, and sturdy kids, (now adults!) all while maintaining an authentic  and fun relationship.
It was not easy at times.
It was and is worth the work!

We worked through the tough stuff together. We may have missed the mark from time to time  but key components of staying in it together with give-and-take and graciousness  allowed us to make it through those parenting years. AND WE STILL USE THESE SKILLS TODAY! 

Discover how the DNA Way transforms
your marriage with kids to be
fun and fulfilling!

Of course, I would be glad to talk with you about any questions you may have as you consider joining the DNA  Way to Communicate. 
Just contact me!

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These podcasts are a great way to steady your weary hearts and minds.  

There are about 130 of them to choose from...each of them with a free printable to help your remember, use the topic of the day, and to share!

Some are serious, some whimsical, but all filled with insight and information on topics ranging from diapers to dining that will help you have a better marriage and be the parents you want to be. While still having FUN! 


The DNA WAY to Communicate

The DNA Way to Communicate is designed to provide you with practical ways to stay married well while parenting together.
It efficiently combines skills to use both in your marriage and with your kiddos! 

The DNA Way includes 8 short   videos, that are used with workbooks, and printable Learn, Explore and Practice Packets .These skills will bring more calm - and more enjoyable connection and cooperation with those you love so much!  

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Waves of DNA Discovery!

Do you jump in the waves of the day...or get flooded with crazy-overwhelm?  

Chip and I tell the story of our 45+ years of friendship and marriage. Our story came in waves of energy, struggle,  despair,  and reconnections.  

We saw that we had used DNA to create our own marriage & family style of DNA:  Our Dreams developed as we used the Necessary Skills to communicate - Applying those skills to interactions in our marriage and with our kids!  

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