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Married, with kiddos? 
Reduce the stress.
  Find your best balance of marriage and parenthood here.

Protect your family from the D Words...
Distress, dismay, disconnect and DIVORCE!

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Of course, you want to be MARRIED FOREVER WHILE PARENTING your kiddos TOGETHER. 

                But that's often easier said than done. 
Take it from me - experienced marriage and family therapist and married mom of 4 kids.

So, we have 4 great choices to get you  started on
being more steady and less stressed right now! 

1 - The DNA Way Communication  Program
2 - 8 -FUN Focus Videos,
3 - Frowns to Fun Videos and don't forget a 

4 - Coaching Call with therapist, Jan. 


The DNA Way of Communication 
will transform your conversations with
calm, confidence and clear connections. 

It's practical and personally fit to you!

                                              It's effective and  efficient:
              Same skills and language applied uniquely for your marriage and parenting connections. 

The DNA Way 8-module video program
 will transform your emotional and relationship skills 
with your spouse and your kiddos. 
Being married forever while you parent kiddos together is doable - even fun!

You will successfully learn
* how to DEFINE your desired outcome and
* how to practice NECESSARY skills so that you can 
* APPLY them appropriately to your kiddo and your partner.
                       Your very own relationship DNA!

                                              Learn more by looking at the  SAMPLE VIDEO, 
                    WORKBOOK EXCERPTS  and  Learn, Explore and Practice Packet.

The Why?? 
As a therapist for over 35 years, I’ve seen clients challenged by the changes that having kiddos brings to every part of their lives.
I’ve seen the desire they have to win at both marriage and parenting.
I’ve also seen the worry, discouragement and disconnect from each other – and the kids.

 At times it seems like it isn't possible to have it all. 
You can have a wonderful life that’s about “us and the kids”.
This is why I created the  DNA Way to Communicate.


I hope you'll join me – after all, having a miserable marriage is not fun.
This program works and is FulfillingUnlimited in experiences and Naturally good! 
                                       Come on and put the FUN back into your marriage and family life!
                                                 You will look and feel so look good as you
                      wear your
marriage hat and your parenting hat at the same time!

Let's Upgrade our DNA Now!!

No Time or bandwidth for the full Program?

Use these short video options!
Option 1: FUN Focus Short Videos

 These short videos are edited versions of the DNA Way's more extensive teaching. 
They are packed with the most important info for your quick and easy learning. 
Add a professional coaching conversation for more depth and personal application. 

Emily M said,
" I geek out on all the attachment stuff regularly, but hadn't heard it explained as the combination of influence and connection, which was cool.
About half way in I started to wonder if there would be something to easily apply, and then
a few minutes later there it was.
I was curious what the eggs were for from the beginning of the video,
and once it was explained that was a nice illustration." 

Option 2:  From Frowns to Fun!
This is a set of 4 videos from Jan's younger years.  Don't worry, the quality is good, and the visuals in the teaching is solid.  Bikes, shoulders, nesting dolls and 3 r's will lead you into better ways to loving connect with those you love! 

Choose your FUN Focus - Quick Tip Videos!
Choose your Frown to Fun Short Videos!

Destroy the D's of Divorcing!    


For over 35 years, as a marriage and family therapist, I’ve been working with moms and dads – who want to be a fabulous husband and wife – but struggle with balancing the roles of parenting and marriage.

My professional and practical knowledge fills the US AND KIDS COMMUNICATION PROGRAM that I've developed with doable and memorable skills that build strength and kindness throughout your marriage, family and home life.  



I know this is can feel like a big step,  that's why I offer a FREE WORKSHOP to allow you to experience my teaching before joining the

Professional and practical support is here! You'll see how you can gain confidence that is courageous and calm.

You'll see how you can settle disagreements and connect even better than before!

You'll be able to parent together, even when you are think so differently. 



Even if you're not quite ready to  join the Program or try the free workshop, I still welcome you to bookmark and regularly listen to my podcasts.

Some are serious, some whimsical, but all filled with insight and information on topics ranging from diapers to dining that I believe will help you have a better marriage and be the parents you want to be. While still having FUN!