Video #1
Connections That Matter!

Chemistry matters for any relationship, at any age, even with your littles. Learn the how  and why they work, and why they are so important to your relationships!   
More connection

Video #2
Managing the Emotional Me

Learn how your emotions impact for good (or not) your relationships.

Wise emotions

Video #3
Listening Accurately

 Learn how calmness helps us hear words and body language from others accurately.  This skill helps to calm down possible arguments and tensions nicely. 
Listen Accurately
Video #4
Speaking Clearly
Words matter. How you say them matters even more.  Learn how to figure out what to say, in a way that others will willingly listen and include in their thoughts and actions. 
Speaking Clearly

Video #5
Touch That Matters

 Skin is all over our bodies so how and when we are touched impacts our connections, emotions and willingness to listen and to speak.  Wise touch brings joy and peace to all!
Tender Touch

Video #6
Honor, Protect and Equip

Like a 3 legged stool:  These 3 attitudes, when used together, help a  relationship, of any age, to withstand the tensions of everyday, real life.  Be Strong:  Grow these!
3 Attitudes

Video #7
Giving Benefit of the Doubt

Trusting that love and grace are good for everyone's well-being opens up room  to pause the judgment, sarcasm and criticism and connect with compassion and truth. 
Giving B of D

Video #8
Turning Towards Under Tension

 By using the above skills, no matter how great the distress, we can stay connected and come to mutual agreements, even on the toughest of topics! 
Turning Towards