022 | Us & Kids: Keeping the Messiness of Everyday Living From Overwhelming Our Relationships

Inspiration from this Episode

“What I do advocate is that you work a plan and work a budget.”

“We talked about where there was going to be time for us.”

“It keeps integrity between us so we can ask about each other’s day.”


022 | Us & Kids: Keeping Your Relationship Rug Clean



On today’s show, we are carrying on from last week’s episode about cleaning up under your rug. Rugs...keep our feet warm, collect crud from our shoes, make a room look pretty. How do we keep our relationship so that it is warm, doesn’t become overwhelmed with crud and even looks and feels pretty? 

Like an entryway rug, our relationship gets daily use and can easily get beat up and looking pretty ratty. But, with some attention to daily details, your relationships can stay strong, steady and even pretty. Join us for great ways to keep track of memories, stay positive and keep the crud of everyday living from overwhelming the great relationship that you and your family have.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Keeping track of the milestones.
  • Trying to remember the little things.
  • Working together for financial goals.
  • Utilizing a family calendar to stay organized.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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