032 | Us and Kids: Dismiss Depression, Negative Nonsense and Anxiety

Inspiration from this Episode

“We do have an impact if we pay attention to the long game and say, this is what I'm deciding.”

“Do you want the mess to create higher anxiety or do you want it to create lower anxiety?”

“Remember to be grateful, to think positive and content thoughts.”


032 | Us & Kids: Dismiss Depression, Negative Nonsense and Anxiety



On today’s show, we are going to be keeping up with topics that are timely with everything going on. We are talking about what is happening in your home, with what is working or not working to keep those relationships together when we are all together so very much. It’s easy for strong overwhelming emotions to take over us during this time. 

Some of our worries and our anxiety can be taken on by our partners and kiddos if we’re not careful. One of the best ways we can become more aware of our feelings and struggles is to write down, on paper, all the chaos that is going on inside our brain. If we try to suppress our feelings and emotions, they usually come out later in a much uglier way. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • How to use the DNA method right now.
  • What are we desiring for now and to come?
  • Getting your thoughts out onto paper.
  • Including kiddos in talks and decisions.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


Read the Full Transcript for this episode Here


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