035 | Us & Kids: How Velcro Helps Us Be Better Parents

Inspiration from this Episode

 “From the minute they're born, we begin to influence their brain.”

 “Sadly, because this need to connect deeply is so significant that if it is not filled nicely with mom and dad then that need can carry over to other spaces.”

 “Demonstrate and live with intentional good behavior so that they can copy you. This is when bonding happens.”


035 | Us & Kids: How Velcro Helps Us Be Better Parents



On today’s show, we're moving on to part two of this two part series. In the last podcast, we were talking about Velcro. We talked about how to be connected with your spouse, and about how to clean up those connections in case being velcro’d together isn't working very well. Sometimes there are too many fuzzies and other things that are blocking the good connections. 

We're going to continue that today, but today we're going to talk about bonding or Velcro connections with our kids. How do we make sure that our kids are really getting set up so they can connect nicely with other people around them?

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • The pressure to feel immediately bonded.
  • The powerful influence we have over our kiddos.
  • Our kiddo’s early brain development.
  • Being the two sides of a bond.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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