036 | Us & Kids: Uncertainty Can Make us Crazy

Inspiration from this Episode

“He knew that the best thing he could do for me was listen, without many words.”

“How can I help you? And that question, may not have an answer, like I don't really have an answer for him, but it means I'm in it with you.”

“I understand you can't control everything and move forward based on what you can know and do as you move forward.”


036 | Us & Kids: Uncertainty Can Make us Crazy



On today’s show, let’s be certain about what we’re talking about - uncertainty. There is so much going on and changing everyday in our homes, our hearts and our relationships. We are told one thing and then what feels like almost instantly that answer changes. 

Do we just have to sit and spin in circles because nothing's for sure? Or is there a way to keep ourselves calm and keep on track? When we take the time to understand that we can’t control everything, it helps us regain strength to move forward with what we do know or can control.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Spouses reacting to our emotions.
  • Tortoise vs the hare with our brain.
  • Rephrasing our questions to each other.
  • Giving some control to your kids.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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