037 | Us & Kids: Angsty = Anger and Anxiety

Inspiration from this Episode

“Social distancing has made me lonely. Zoom calls, although better than nothing, don't cut it for me in the long haul.”

“Being connected to them, seeing them eye to eye, hearing their voices in automatic direct time and in the real same space.”

“Caring for my friends and about my friends and my family is natural human behavior and it's healthy.”


037 | Us & Kids: Angsty = Anger and Anxiety



On today’s show, we are doing things a bit differently. We aren’t going to focus on our marriage, nor are we going to talk about parenting much. What we are going to be diving into is us, and how that can inevitably affect our partner and kids. 

It can be hard during this time to not get stuck in the spinning circle of that anxiety and then being angry for feeling anxious. We want to make sure that we manage our emotions and that our emotions aren’t managing us. When we are more intentional about connecting and engaging with other people, it can take us out of our own pity party we might be stuck in.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Anxiety & anger vs anxiety & depression.
  • Incorporating skills that might be lacking.
  • Qualities from your 3- and 30-year-old self.
  • Natural human behavior of loneliness. 


Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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