039 | Us & Kids: D is for Divorce

Inspiration from this Episode

“And what's supposed to have been built in its place while they dissipate is really good emotional bonding.”

“By using really good listening skills, along with saying what they knew was going on emotionally, they bonded and connected in even better and stronger ways."

“They wanted their compassion and care and empathy to be able to help them through the rough spots.”


039 | Us & Kids: D is for Divorce



On today’s show we are talking about the D seed of divorce. When does this snarly seed get planted - and how can we weed it out before it overtakes our thoughts, reactions and relationships. The Divorce seed does not need to stay. Take a few minutes to learn how to pull it out and keep your marriage steady, strong and safe.

This is exactly the reason why I developed Us and Kids and the DNA for Fun communications course. The seeds are planted, often in those first few years of parenting, and if we work the DNA for fun communications course and process, we can pull that weed or make it so that it never gets planted.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Some other D’s that go along with Divorce.
  • How most love stories begin.
  • The added pressures of parenthood.
  • When others are brought into the picture.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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