051 | Us & Kids: Back to School One Way or Another

How to keep the back-to-school-crazy out of the kids and you!

Inspiration from this Episode

“Your kindness in this is really important to them feeling confident.”

“You’re the person who is going to absorb some of this fear and trade that fear in for them with some calmness and some courage.”

“It’s their brains' way of figuring it out and getting rid of the fear that doesn’t have words.”


051 | Us & Kids: Back to School



On today’s show, we are talking about the big topic of going back to school. I know going back to school for our kids right now and for us parents just feels daunting and weird. I'm sure by now you have looked through what your schools are offering and what the choices are for online versus in person.

Remember that the best thing you can do for your kiddo, no matter where they're going, is to be supportive of them. You are the best buffer for them against the stress they are going to feel in making this transition. Have a listen to this episode and help your kiddos get off to a good start.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Kids need to practise real situations.
  • Being their support as the parent.
  • Incorporating calmness to reassure them.
  • Using coping skills with our kids.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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