068 | Us & Kids: Gifts for Everyone

Inspiration from this Episode

“Are you investing or how can you improve your investment in gold life skills for your kids?”

“You’re trying to be gracious to them but you also want them to feel safe and secure enough to be honest with you.”

“Learning how to do things together is another really good skill, and being compassionate.”


068 | Us & Kids: Gifts for Everyone



On today’s show, we are talking about finding ways to end the year well. When we feel that in many ways this year has been bumpy, there have been anticipations and disappointment and adjustments that just seem nonstop. Sure there has been good, but there’s also been struggle and tension.

Last week we talked about anticipation and how the biblical wise men had to make changes and pivots and they were tired too but that they ended up in a really good spot. This week we are going to continue on with those wisemen and that biblical story - bringing gifts.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • The gifts we can bring into Christmas.
  • How giving is different than sharing.
  • Giving the gift of good self care.
  • The gift of encouragement to be better.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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