069 | Us & Kids: Mary, Marry, and Merry

Inspiration from this Episode

“Do you take time to actually think and move your emotions and look at the consequences?”

“What do you know about you that others don’t or wouldn’t believe?”

“They relied on family when family was good for them and they learned to rely on each other.”


069 | Us & Kids: Mary, Marry, and Merry



It’s close to Christmas day...and like most other traditions and truths there is a fabulous story to go along with this tradition of Christmas. So, today instead of teaching and guiding you into spaces about being your best self, parent or partner/spouse, I want to encourage you to relax, listen to this story, with all the applications for your life today.

For those of you who know the details to this story, I am skipping a few of them in the interest of time and the focus of this podcast. I am leaving some space for spiritual interest and intrigue.  I invite you to wonder about yourself and home; be introspective and use this story to upgrade your life story in some small and good way.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • How Mary responded to certain events. 
  • Having a mentor in your life for support.
  • Setting the good boundaries with the kids.
  • Growing with your spouse in hard times.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


Read the Full Transcript for this episode Here

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