073 | Us & Kids: Explore and Expand

Inspiration from this Episode

“My definition of explore is trying something new or taking something that we know and expanding it into a different area or place.”

“It helps us understand how our spouse thinks and how they move. It helps you build admiration towards them and appreciation for their processes.”

“Because it brings around such good interactions and attachments with each other that you can build on for years and years."


073 | Us & Kids: Explore and Expand



We are carrying on with the series that we’ve been going through each week in January about how to have a fresh start after 2020. So today, we’re on chapter 4 and we’re talking about exploring and expanding because a part of building strong relationships is that the courage to be with each other and by each other to try new things to experience things together. 

Because it expands the way that you are connected so that if one of the connection points isn’t as strong, there’s another one that counterbalances it that is. So this fourth thing is all about having the courage to explore ideas and experiences so that we can bind or attach more.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Why your attitude matters so much.
  • Listening and honoring others’ concerns.
  • Having a shared experience together.
  • How exploring doesn’t have to be big things.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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