082 | Us & Kids: EASTER

Inspiration from this Episode 

“When we eat a good meal, this will help you manage your emotional self, which will keep you calmer and start the day off on the right foot. 

“When we stay away from shameful things, we are now protecting ourselves, because we are worth protecting.” 

“And often, we can stay away from those shameful things by telling the TRUTH to ourselves and to others kindly.”


082 | Us & Kids: EASTER



On today’s show, we're going to talk about Easter. But, we're also going to fit that into our desires, and the skills that we need to achieve our desires. This is not a highly spiritual, Christian podcast in terms of that we're not going to talk all about the Jesus part of it. We're going to talk about the good human health part of it. We can make it so that it also works with everyday life, and how does it fit into your spiritual life. 

We are going to break down the word Easter. And, we're going to say, "Well, what are some ways that we can live really well, as we continue into 2021?" So we're gonna use the acronym process, and include in it not just what within the E word, but also what necessary skill would I use if this was one of my New Year's resolutions.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • The importance of nourishing your body.
  • How we can avoid unnecessary shame.
  • Why the truth is so crucial for everyone.
  • How to encourage others to do good.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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