083 | Us & Kids: In Courage

Inspiration from this Episode 

“Encouragement or having courage we can tell that by somebody who says yes, I can do that.”

“Give your kids some room for grace because self-confidence also comes as we practice something and grow proficient in it.”

“These are people who are compassionate they put other people’s needs before their own without worrying about what they’re going to lose.”


083 | Us & Kids: In Courage



On today’s show, were going to talk about being in a space of Courage. So you might think, okay well you know courage is for when there’s something really scary and sometimes just like courage. That’s not a problem. I just go and do what I need to do.  

But do you know why and there are people who get stumped and just can’t seem to move forward or goes so slow? Like what’s taking you so long? This podcast will answer those great questions! Everyday life with littles and a spouse is challenging - so listen in so that you can live “in courage” together!


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Compassion and courage.
  • How to get more courage?
  • The characteristics of courage.
  • Courage with your kids and marriage.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


Read the Full Transcript for this episode Here

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