089 | Us & Kids: Empathy

Inspiration from this Episode

“For kiddos, we want them to understand that they have feelings and emotions and we help them put labels to them.”

“Put yourself in their shoes, understand their perspective. This is a key part of building empathy.”

“This is my looking for ways to help her and ways to apply how I use empathy and perspective for her age.”


089 | Us & Kids: Empathy



On today’s show, we are using the DNA method. We are going to need to Define our desires or a dream. And that means today my dream or my desire is being emotionally connected with my family and with other people in very kind ways. What is my N, my necessary skill? Today is going to be about empathy. And the A is, how are we going to apply it? Empathy, yes for anyone in our family. 

In order for everyone to get on the same page, we need to know exactly what we mean by the word empathy. That is part of defining our dreams and desires, is that they need to be specific enough that everyone understands what we mean.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Feeling another person’s emotions.
  • Trying to reason with another perspective.
  • Our ability to want to help others.
  • Using age appropriate methods with kids.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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