090 | Us & Kids: 42 Years of Marriage

Inspiration from this Episode

“As you continue to build up your marriage and your family, you are going to keep on practicing making it better.”

“We were attracted to each other and we are attached to each other and through the years that is still true.”

“The other thing that's the same is that we were generous toward each other.”


090 | Us & Kids: 42 Years of Marriage



I have a little announcement today. The date of this is being released is the 42nd anniversary of my marriage to my husband chipper. You're right, usually we call him Chip. I get to call him Chipper. Anyways, I thought well, what happens if I take a little walk back in time and think about “how have we lasted this long?”.

Because it makes it sound like, well yeah, of course, she did it. If she's a marriage and family therapist she better do it. Yes, so far we have done it. Marriage is a work of art and it takes a long time and continuous work to keep it artful and beautiful.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • What stayed the same & what changed.
  • What does and doesn’t matter anymore.
  • How you have changed individually.
  • How to stay in “married forever mode”.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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