091 | Us & Kids: 42 Years of Marriage - Part 2

Inspiration from this Episode

“Having a family was working together financially but also really appreciated the effort that somebody had put in.” 

“Those were skills that we used in helping our kiddos attached to us, so that we could be known as being trustworthy and safe.” 

“So work on your marriage because it will help you blend together as your parents.”


091 | Us & Kids: 42 Years of Marriage - Part 2



On today’s show, we are talking about how my marriage has lasted 42 years and one week. Because last week was my 42nd anniversary to my husband Chip. We have known each other for 45 years and so I took a little walk back through history. I looked at it through the lens of our program that we use to help you guys and that is the DNA method.  

It's looking at our desires, the necessary skills that we need and how we apply them. And so last week I talked our way through some of what did we have? Today, we're going to branch out on those things, a little bit more and continue to think about what else we wanted in life.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • How your marriage affects your parenting.
  • Incorporating more faith into the home.
  • Showing appreciation for other’s efforts.
  • Finding the balance between the struggle.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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