093 | Us & Kids: 10 Tips for Summer Health

Inspiration from this Episode

“These are new routines and helping your kids know what the structure is, have a routine.”

“Listening to your body and what your body can do is important.”

“Sometimes heat makes us really lethargic, but lethargy is not really the best trick for keeping our brains healthy and happy.”


093 | Us & Kids: 10 Tips for Summer Health



Because it's summer and because this is episode 93 in the history of the Us and Kids podcast, I'm looking forward to episode 100. Episode 100 will be airing on August 3rd, so what I wanted to do is a bit of a countdown. I'm doing a number of podcasts where we are talking about 10 tips and ideas to help us in one specific area each week.

So today we're going to start with the topic of 10 tips for summer health. Now you might be thinking “why do we need a tip for summer health?” And so we're just going to talk for a little bit about what are some ideas to manage that warmth and still have a really good summer.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • How to nourish our brain.
  • Dealing with the changing routines.
  • Setting boundaries with socializing.
  • How to stay cool in the summer heat.


Resources in Today’s Episode: 

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