098 | Us & Kids: 10 Tips for Playing as Adults

Inspiration from this Episode

“When we can be playful, it releases the endorphins that help the body feel better.”

“Connection in that builds trust so that in those stressful situations you know the other person is trying their best.”

“So have fun with each other. Do something new, bring up something you haven't done for a while.”


098 | Us & Kids: 10 Tips for Playing as Adults



On today’s show, we are going to talk about 10 tips for playing as adults. So you might think at first, how is this different from playing as kids? If you revisit our previous episode you’ll remember that the kid's play has more personal growth and brain development in it. 

Playing as an adult has a little bit of a different angle to it. It’s still very, very crucial to healthy living and to building good relationships. Also for keeping your own brain and body in a really good space for relationships and just your own personal mental and physical wellness.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • The benefits of playing as adults.
  • The boost of creativity that playing can give you.
  • Ways play can help keep things exciting.
  • Why playing can help develop more trust.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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