099 | Us & Kids: 10 Tips for Intimacy

Inspiration from this Episode 

“Those nice things help us know that we’re being trusted and they soften the fear of really connecting.” 

“We have to turn those chemical connections on again over and over throughout the course of our marriage.” 

“Spend time with each other talking about, how can we make our intimate life a bit better?”


099 | Us & Kids: 10 Tips for Intimacy



On today’s show, we are doing our last one of our 10 tips in our series. This is podcast 99 moving into podcast 100 and I wanted to think about what I haven’t covered much and I realized I haven't directly talked about intimacy. Intimacy comes not just from having bodies close to each other but also comes from what happens before those bodies ever get close. 

So as we talk about intimacy, I'm talking less about close bodies and more about what happens before then which makes that time of close bodies really enjoyable. So take a listen in and see which tip would be good for you to use in the next week or month or year.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Building trust so you can be vulnerable.
  • Incorporating different kinds of touch.
  • Talking in your partner’s love language.
  • Mixing up routines when things feel stagnant.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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