101 | Us & Kids: Naughty or Nervous

Inspiration from this Episode

“That anxiety is this reaction in the brain and where, since it's something scary and it needs to protect the body.”

“Another way that kiddos tell us that they're nervous is they just have this heightened level of emotion.”

“They want to focus. They want to be able to accomplish tasks.”


101 | Us & Kids: Naughty or Nervous



On today’s show, we are gearing up to send our kiddos back to school or preschool, or perhaps just a more structured schedule for the day in the week. And we could easily be noticing some changes in our kiddos as well - maybe even in ourselves.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell why our little ones are being a bit naughty and hard to distinguish if it is really misplaced nerves. Listen in today to see how you can help, because as you know, stress and anxiety for our kiddos can build off of our own stress and worry.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • The physical symptoms of their nerves.
  • How avoidant behavior arises.
  • Why kids question over and over again.
  • How we can help them refocus.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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