103 | Us & Kids: Interview with Grandkids

Inspiration from this Episode 

“I know that I made list after list, after list, trying to keep track of everything everybody was doing.” 

“One of the things grandpa and I did is we spent a lot of time playing and studying together. We just spent a lot of time together.” 

“So within three days we spent 24 hours talking with each other in the car and we said, this is a perfect house for us.”


103 | Us & Kids: Interview with Grandkids



On today’s show, we are doing something a little bit different. I’ve brought on a few guests to be on the show today but they aren’t just any guests - they are 3 of my grandkids. I told them they’d be allowed to ask me anything - so they did! 

And now, you get to listen in and hear our conversation together. These are random, unscripted, and unknown to me until they ask them - so, join the table and get a small snapshot of my life. And for fun, let me know your kids’ best questions of the day! 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • What it was like having four kids.
  • How my husband and I met.
  • The importance of our piano.
  • The journey of buying our home.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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