104 | Us & Kids: ProActive Parenting

Inspiration from this Episode 

“Though all of those pieces together made a lot more sense to me that it was sensory and not just he's a naughty kid.” 

“We had to do a little bit of advocacy work on his behalf and on our financial behalf as well.” 

“And so he was open and willing to continue to do some of these things together because he felt the benefits of it and they were fun.”


104 | Us & Kids: ProActive Parenting



On today’s show, we are going to be chatting with our special guest, Christi Gilbert. She is an awesome mom of 3, an education expert, and my oldest daughter. She and I are talking through her experience of parenting her son as she began to realize that some other expert input would be really wise. 

Hear her story and thought process as she worked to find the appropriate expert, listen to her gut, and use the guidance in ways that brought growth and health. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Understanding what normal development looks like.
  • How to follow parenting patterns that work and don’t.
  • Being able to do research while also trusting your gut.
  • The importance of consistency and comprehension. 


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


Read the Full Transcript for this episode Here

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