109 | Us & Kids: Pithy Tidbits to End 2021

Inspiration from this Episode 

“Because remember, our communication is 85% nonverbal, meaning it's what your face looks like when you're asking that question.” 

“Now this takes patience in the ask, but it also takes patience in formulating your answer.”

“As we grow and mature, we learn how to accurately listen, speak clearly, and manage our own emotions.”


109 | Us & Kids: Pithy Tidbits to End 2021



Finally - or fastly - 2021 is almost done! We are into our 3rd year of bringing you bi-weekly podcasts to help you be married forever while you enjoy parenting your kiddos together! So, today, we’re going to round out the year with just some pithy thoughts and sentences that make sense but don’t take long enough to each make a whole podcast.

You know, it’s sort of like cleaning out your fridge - not enough leftover to make a meal, but some tasty tidbits that you can just eat with your fingers when no one is looking. So let’s dive in and end this year well.


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Surrounding ourselves with really nice love.
  • Asking questions in a kind and respectful way.
  • Giving and getting thoughtful and factual answers.
  • Building emotional bonds with our partners and kiddos. 


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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