111 I The Kiddos!

Inspiration from this Episode

“When our kiddos are tiny, they mostly need kisses. In some ways they might like it the way the acronym goes, keep it simple and sweet.”

“It's true that chaos, confusion and clutter can impact how a kiddo rests, resets and interacts.”

"Yet when we do take that energy, we often find their fun and funny energy will lighten and brighten our moods."


 On today’s show, the joy of having kiddos will re-awaken, perhaps just a bit. Using K.I.D. we will talk about kid-healthy ways to be your best parent!  It’s doable and delightful even when you are dreadfully tired!

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • How to parent with energy, even when you are so weary. 
  • That delighting in our kiddos makes parenting more doable.
  • Independence and interdependence are a balancing act - for both of you.  

 Resources in Today’s Episode: 

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 Check out previous podcasts for tips on finding grace through the mess and joy of staying married forever, while parenting together.



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