112 I Mom to Mom Moment about Play Therapy

Inspiration from this Episode

"Kiddos probably have language or look that will make it very clear to you that you are right on.  Pay attention and use that info for their good growth."

"Some kids just have hard periods of life and they just need someone to walk through and give them some new tools. "

"I wish that I had known that play is the primary language of children before my children were seven and four."


 On today’s show, we are talking with a very special person in my life.  My daughter, Tammi, is wise, compassionate and courageous.  Today we hear about her and Phil’s journey,  as they processed their son’s play - and what it was saying about how he was feeling within himself, and with the (covid) world around him. 

 What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Adding resources for your kiddos is a very kind, loving action.  It is not a sign of incompetence as a parent. 
  • Working together, pacing the decisions together - as a couple - keeps your marriage strong, and makes your family stronger and emotionally safer.  
  • Play is a kiddos way of communicating their emotions and world view.  Watch it, listen to it, work to understand it and to interact with it to build emotional and mental safety within your kiddo’s heart and mind. 

 Resources in Today’s Episode: 

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