Ep 113 I Us and Kids: Romance and Roses

Remember back when you had the energy to be romantic?  Remember when someone brought your roses - just for fun, not to try to smooth over a rough night or conversation?

Romance and parenting can feel like oil and water  - they might co-exist but they don’t mix.  Many couples begin to believe that the need for sleep and just keeping the household going is the best it’s going to get…for the next maybe 18 years.  

Oh my!  That’s a long time! 

So, enjoy today’s show as we talk about 4 aspects and actions you can do each day to keep your relationship blossoming into beauty - even on the thorny days!


*Your relationship, your connection with your spouse is more important than whether or not you are right.

*Do you know a little something you can do for your spouse that might seem insignificant to you but really meaningful to them?

*Soft is like gentle. With gentleness, we know that we are strong. Gentle acknowledges our strength but also acknowledges that we will use our strength to help and support the precious people near us. 

*It is true that guys want softness and kindness and safety as much as girls. 

 *Encouragement helps us to overlook things, instead of over-focusing on them. And it plays a role in saying that our relationship is more important than being right.

What you will learn:

The non-importance of being right. 

The sweet skill of overlooking. 

How encouragement and empathy illicit romantic energy. 

That the thorns of your relationship probably means there is still the beauty of a rose in it too.

A few more resources:

The Us and Kids Facebook page and Us and Kids Group page

A free printable to keep your roses and romance wonderful!

A transcript for when you just need to have it quiet. 



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