Ep 114 I Read Me Right! Understanding our family conversations.

Do you like to read?  Do you like to read those kiddo books over and over?  What do you like to read - short articles? only something funny? Poetry? History? Romance?

Reading is a skill we learn early  - and we need for a lifetime.  And reading other humans is also a skill we learn early - and need for a lifetime.  

And reading words and relationship is a very complex brain skill.  Organizing and understanding all the constructs within language takes us several years to master. 

And understanding all the ways that our spouse or kiddos relate to us is an ongoing, interesting process!  

There are emotions, words, tones, body language, eyes and facial look that all intertwine to make a conversation, even with a little person, full of info that we have to sort through, and decide what to pay attention to!

So today’s show is about how to read other’s language - words, face and body - more accurately. 

Like reading, this takes lots of practice - and some help and feedback from others!   

Listen in (no reading required - until you download the printable:) - and learn.   Then, share it with a friend!

Hope this helps you enjoy reading each other more!     ~Jan

Today you will learn:

It's this curiosity in the conversation that builds the safety for the conversation to continue.

If you want that conversation to be read in a dark, anxious or angry way,  then use the snarky voice. 

When you think that someone is not engaging in a productive manner, instead of becoming more frightening with your voice or your look or your stance, become more gentle.

Keep using the words and the actions and emotions that will help others understand you and trust you the first time.

Keep helping your relationship vocabulary grow. 

Give grace as others learn to understand you more.

Do not be discouraged. It just takes practice and determination. 

Sometimes one of us will read a word with a different emphasis or different accent than another.

The free printable is for you to read!

Here's the transcript link for reading quietly.  




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