115 I Finish the Fight!

Do you like to fight?...with your spouse or your kiddos?  Or are you a bit weary of it all?

On the show today we are talking about those fights that seem to just recycle, over and over.  Sometimes, it (seems) settled for years, or months - other times, “it” was settled - for maybe 15 minutes. 

And it’s sooo tiring, confusing, draining. 
Are these fights even finish-able? 

Listen in and learn why these conversations replay repeatedly - and learn the trick to solving them, for real, by being real. 

 Be sure to share this with your friend, and your spouse!

 What you will learn

 ** And… if you are the listener… you would take the time to really listen.

** Arguments that come back to us over and over again are usually ignoring a question that is core to the relationship.

**And that question usually is, "Do I matter to you?"  


** So we did some Division of labor. 

**It is okay to revisit a conversation when the circumstances change...around you or within yourself.

**When an argument is revisited over and over and over again it was often  because a solution was sought and bought into, before the emotions were really explained and explored. So in some ways, the decision and the arrangement or agreement was rushed. 

** Work your solution so that you both stay connected genuinely connected,  valued, respected,  and content.

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