118 | Us & Kids: Adults Only

Yes, today’s show is for adults, but still rated very G.  

Why?  Because staying in the adult-world after having a baby is really important to your identity as an adult, and your identity with your spouse.  

And those adult identities are also very important to the development of your kiddos as they grow up.  

Yep, I’m hinting at what happens in the room where your (adult) bed is…and how to be sure you still have a space and place that is just “yours” - just you and your spouse’s.  

Of course, to get to that room, mindset and space, some things have to also happen outside of that room like…
Compassion - it helps with the passion, 

Connection - it helps with the “ahem” connection

Attention - it helps with paying attention - like staying awake and mentally there, not elsewhere.

Enjoy using what you re-remember because it’s fun and helps to keep you married well and forever, even while you parent your kiddos together!

 What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • There’s more to the post-baby story than weary tiredness.
  • Post-partum depression can have a heavy impact on all of you.  Work together, be together, grow together.  You will survive together. 
  • Body and brain confusion can happen to both of you.  Talk, listen, learn, and love…unselfishly and for real. 
  • Give compliments.  And accept compliments.
  • Spontaneity or scheduled?  Pros and cons.

Resources in Today’s Episode: 

Check out previous podcasts for tips on finding grace through the mess and joy of staying married forever, while parenting together.



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