Ep.119 | Us & Kids: Me as a Mom

So, Mother’s Day has come and gone, again.  How are you?  Still so glad to be a mom or wondering how long you can hang in there with this mommy stuff?  

Did you entertain all day, were you ignored most of the day, or did the kids and others figure out how to honor you, in a way that was meaningful to you?

 On today’s show we’re talking about being yourself (Me) even while being a Mom.  

Managing so many things, balancing energy, relationships, figuring out how to escape - or connect and how to balance the mom hat with your beautiful wife hat.

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Your personality, pre-motherhood - is still there.  Let “her” out sometimes.  It’s fun!
  • Your mental-mass (brain so full of everything) is working very diligently.  Even when you feel like you are a mental-mess, use your mental-mass to sort out the mess. And, yes, sometimes that includes crying, praying and hugging.
  • Organization often needs an adjustment when we become a mom.  And, the adjustments to that organization might be daily, depending on what your baby does!
  • Part of being a mom often includes being married/partnered.  Parenting littles requires teamwork from adults.  Keep up your loving and lovely relationship by loving each other well!

Resources in Today’s Episode: 

  •  Join the Us & Kids supportive Facebook Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/usandkids/
  • Use this printable.  Being a mom can overwhelm our mental space.  That's why  having this printed makes sense...you don't have save this good info in your mind - just tape it to the inside of your kitchen cupboard.   
  •  Read the Full Transcript for this episode Here


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