Ep 123 I Core Values for Kiddos

Values are extremely valuable when it comes to understanding others.  They are also very valuable when it comes to communicating as a parent and within our marriages.  

But, we have to start with defining a value, and then understanding that how we live out that value will also impact how others (kids, spouses/partners) build relationships with us. 

If we value kindness, but are rude to those we don't know, or diss our spouse in public, then others will certainly wonder if they can trust the kindness from us as having integrity. Certainly, who we say we are is far more impactful when we also live into that identity.

So, our show today is about values, and how to live them well so that our kiddos can also develop the identity and character that is strong and true.

Listen in, share it with a friend, and use a tip or two for becoming more of your best self!

Things you will learn:

* Teaching values is an everyday event.

* Kids learn by doing, talking, and copying you. 

*Calm conversations WITH your kids helps them own the value themselves.

Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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