003 | Us & Kids: Alive After 5—Us

Inspiration from this Episode

“Being married is a challenge all in itself, learning how to become husband and wife.”

“Put something in that schedule that says this is for us.”


003 | Us & Kids: Alive After Five—Us



Today on our show, we’re getting into part 2 of our series Alive After Five. On the last episode, we discussed what happens in the first 5 years of raising our kids. Today, the discussion is all about our marriage and those first few stages most couples go through. We talk about how to be open to all of the changing phases as well as how to take intentional actions that help direct your marriage. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • The first few stages of being married.
  •  Dealing with the changes and being open to them.
  • How to get yourself back to that passion.
  • Regular actions to take to live with purpose.


Resources in Today’s Episode



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