Ep 121 I Is This Product or Package Safe?

On today’s show, Rachel Johnson Greer will talk with us about what to look for in all those online purchases.  Her work in Amazon compliance and helping online sellers understand the manufacturing and distribution laws puts her in a unique position to inform us about how to discern a safe purchase from ones to be cautious about.  

Her book, “No Dead Babies” comes from the days when she and her team sighed in deep relief when at the end of the day they did not have to take a call from a grieving parent.  All too often were the conversations from these parents sharing how their child died because of faulty manufacturing or packaging.
Rachel agrees that the responsibility is on the seller.  But in the real world, there are gaps, and thus, it is wise and best for us, the parents, to know and understand how to determine if a product and it’s packaging is made in compliance with safety standards. 

So, from baby products and toys, to household products and furnishings, her book is a great resource to help you bring beautiful, useful and safe pillows, toys, clothes and food into your home.  

Join this interview, take good notes, and upgrade your wisdom when you shop online.  You will be glad you did!

 What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Why big brands may be safer.
  • Learn what cheaper means to product quality - and safety!
  • Garage and yard chemicals are another space for family’s to make more child-safe.
  • Read the package booklet.  It was written because there were problems.  Understand your new product!

Resources in Today’s Episode: 


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