Ep 116 I Self Control, Our Kiddos and Us

 On today’s show we will focus on our little persons - who are busy developing their own personalities and preferences…and their own powerful ways of communicating that to us.  

They certainly have a mind and opinion of their own - from the time they are tiny.  And as they grow into toddlers and start school, their mind, words and emotions pop up in so many different ways. 

What are we to do with their tears, insistence and resistance?  

How are we supposed to stay in control when they are out of control and running the show??

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • What and why their brains work as they do - and might learn a thing or two about our brains too! (Think…hot and cool)
  • What skills to use - and teach to our kiddos to help their personal control and choices develop in ways that are creative and calming. 
  • 7 ways that you can use right now to help self-control be a usual part of your everyday, crazy life with littles. 

 A few inspirations

  • If…then…thoughts, talked through with you, actually works
  • Trust is the beginning place of self-control.
  • They are playing follow the leader…lead well.

 Resources in Today’s Episode: 

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