Ep 120 | Us & Kids: Taming Transitions


On today’s show, we will think and talk about transitions.  You know, those changes that happen oh-so-often…as seasons change, as school routines switch-up, as kiddo’s naps and needs change…there we are making changes and trying to manage the ensuing chaos.  

Is there a way to do change without the crying, chaos and confusion?


Listen in to pick up some tips for how times of change and how to help them be more cooperative, collaborative and perhaps, even calm, or fun. 

Yes, these tips are for the big stuff, like switching to summer schedules, but they are also good when you are just  changing what’s for supper, or what pj’s to wear, or who reads books tonight. 

So, take a few minutes to gather what tips will suit you best so that your connections, even through changes, can be worthy of the “high-fives” of family success!  

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Change of seasons create changes in routines
  • Planning together creates more calm and connection
  • Changing takes energy…from you and from your kids.
  • Know when your kids are struggling with transitions, and help them. 

Stuffies, blankies, water bottles, a special song can all make transition easier. 


Resources in Today’s Episode: 


  •   The Printable is free..and great to use to keep your brain calm while making changes!


  • Read the Full Transcript for this episode Here


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