117 | Us & Kids: New Parents and Pretzels

On today’s show we are talking all about parenting, new babies, and pretzels.  One of my daughters would probably say that pretzels were the snack that held her together through the first year of her kiddo’s life.  And, there is good reason for that. 

Pretzels can represent hugs, give a way to pause and think, distract from the depression and anxiety that can swamp new parents, and help couples remember to love and hug each other - and their kiddos. 

We will chat about 10 good ways to help you and your household reset with joy and connection after a new one comes home.  

These tips are good reminders, for your first baby - or your fifth.  

These are good reminders even if your baby, partner or even yourself is (acting like) a toddler, talker or tantrum-maker or teaser.  

So, join us and enjoy some easy upgrades to snacks and home life!  

What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • A tiny bit about pretzel history
  • Perspective for the long run can help you not eat all the pretzels in your life right now. 
  • Emotions after giving birth - for mom and/or dad - can feel like we are tied in knots.  Remember that hugs, tenderness and gentle truth with hope can make life calmer.

Resources in Today’s Episode: 

Check out previous podcasts for tips on finding grace through the mess and joy of staying married forever, while parenting together.



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