095 | Us & Kids: 10 Tips for Listening Well


Inspiration from this Episode 

“Take care of yourself so you can pay attention to others and adjust so that you can be more present.” 

“Unfold your arms, lean in a little bit, soften it up and you'll see that people share more of themselves and your connection and respect for each will go up.” 

“What is their perspective? What is their understanding? What is their experience?”


095 | Us & Kids: 10 Tips for Listening Well



On today’s show, we are talking about how do we listen well? What are some tips for helping me just listen a little better? Sometimes it's a little harder during the summer time because it's hot outside and we're tired. We often need a little bit more hydration and sometimes we just end up being up later and drinking more alcohol because there's more hanging out time.  

Take a few minutes here to listen to 10 tips about how to develop a really good listening space inside yourself because that helps build the connections for everyone and ends up being a win-win. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode

  • Paying attention to yourself & others.
  • Utilizing non-verbal body language.
  • Asking questions to break assumptions.
  • How to listen to understand & not just talk.


Resources in Today’s Episode:  


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