002 | Us & Kids: Alive After 5—With Kids

Inspiration from this Episode:

“Children grow about one million neuro connections every second during their first few years of life.”

“Confidence builds that curiosity of wanting to try new things.”


002 | Us & Kids: Alive After Five—Kids



 On today’s show, we’re focusing on the number ‘5’ and why it’s important in the connections in your marriage and with your kids. We’re going to be talking about the first 5 years of raising a child. Obviously, there is an infinite amount of things we could discuss about the first 5 years of their lives, so let’s take a broad look at everything as a whole. 


What You’ll Learn in Today’s Episode: 

  •  Where the number 5 shows up in our lives.
  • How we can influence their development even after 5.
  • How to understand the basic architecture of their brains.
  • The importance of consistency from you, for your kids.


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001 | Us & Kids: Marriage Forever While Parenting Together

Inspiration from this Episode:

“You can indeed be married forever while parenting together.”

“Repairing is doable at any point.”


001 | Us & Kids: Marriage Forever While Parenting Together 



Welcome to our podcast. My name is Jan Talen and I’m a marriage and family therapist (for 35 years!). On the Us & Kids podcast, I'll be sharing my professional knowledge and expertise along with life stories to help you become the best married, parenting team.

On today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about how to have a great marriage even while parenting together. 

When we first have kids, everything changes. The first few years of becoming a mom and dad is filled with craziness. Schedules become unpredictable, our sleep patterns change, and we are tired and anxious. Our social life changes, getting a sitter becomes hard and leaving the house seems unmanageable. Finances typically change for many...

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